My Shooter Game Proposal

My proposal for the shooter game will focus on progress and completion and using the game aesthetics along with the mechanics. I plan to create the game mechanics of the game that will help the player to progress through while they make full use of the controls and game mechanics through identifying the visuals given in the game. The enemies in this game would fire bullets of different colour that would provide a different result to the player on the screen.

The mechanic for the coloured bullets would work like this: The player ship starts with firing red bullets. An enemy ship approaches and fires a red bullet but the enemy’s bullet can be destroyed by the player’s red bullet fired due to them having the same colour. However if an enemy ships shoots a blue bullet, the red bullet will will be destroyed instead and will continue to move towards the opposite side of the screen due to the bullets having different colours. 

Visual reference

  +   = 

 +  = 

 +  = 

The proposal mechanics for my shooter takes reference to the concept for a certain shoot em’ up game called Ikaruga where the colour of the player’s bullets can either destroy enemy’s bullets or not. The game has a function for the player to switch  the colours for the bullets to absorb or counter with enemy fire.


 Related image



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