Mock-Up Concept for Shoot em’ Up Project

This here is the initial mock up for my shoot em’ up game.


Now, to explain & display the basic mechanics of the game, the explanation shall be presented in the pictures below.

Bullet Colours


The picture above shows how the functions of different coloured bullets work. Different coloured bullets would collide and disappear. This function can act as some kind of shield for the player against enemy bullets as long they are the same colour as the player’s. The other picture below will demonstrate the other effect of this mechanic.


This picture shows what happens when the player shoots an enemy bullet with a different colour. The enemy bullets in this game will always break through any different coloured bullets the player fires. Because the player will be at an disadvantage towards different coloured bullets, the player is urged to take control and evade from the indestructible enemy bullets.

Only Method to Switch Colours

powerup0.png + ikaruga pixel ship 2.png =  Fire rate x2

powerup0.png + ikaruga pixel ship 1.png = bulletr.png

powerup1.png  +  ikaruga pixel ship 2.png = bulletb.png

powerup1.png + ikaruga pixel ship 1.png = Fire rate x2

This mechanic involves powerups that can change the colour of the enemy bullets depending on which one the player obtains. Since both player’s ships shoots different colours each (red ship fires red & blue ship fires blue only), the player can only switch their bullet colours by only collecting a different coloured powerup. Collecting a powerup with the same colour of the current bullet will not change bullet colour but will increase firing speed.

Currently, that’s all the rules I’ve explained for the game. However, more updates will come for the game’s progress.




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