My Platformer Game Proposal

This is my proposal for the next project. After finishing the shoot em’ up project, I am announcing a next new project: a platformer game.

From the research I’ve done on platformers, I decided that my platformer will be a “endless-runner” type of game. It is most likely under arcade genre-like rules with a score-based rule. I plan to have multiple endings as a goal to my score-based gameplay. (e.g. over 10000 points = good ending, below 10000 = bad ending)

From the games I’ve researched on, I take interest in developing an endless-runner with multi-leveled/layered platforms. The games I’ve researched for this rule are Elevator Action, Nyan Cat: Lost in Space and the Mirror’s Edge mobile game. Both games has multi-leveled platforms in the game levels where the player can traverse on any level. (Using the elevator or escalator in E.A, using parkour game enviroment to access different leveled platforms)

Elevator Action


Mirror’s Edge Mobile
Nyan Cat: Lost in Space



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