Platformer Mockup

Recently, I’ve been thinking about endless runners and how the level design of the game will be like. After taking some time thinking, I’ve come up with an idea to implement an obstacle course rule into my endless runner.

What I plan to do:

So far, the only game-making tool I’m capable of using is Stencyl. Stencyl is extremely useful to anyone who has no skills or experience in video game programming.

For this time, the platformer will feature NO powerups. The focus is on the longest distance you can run and how long can the player last running. The amount of distance the player has covered will result in multiple endings depending on the amount of distance covered by the player. The player will die if he fails to dodge obstacles in proper manner

Since I’m working on an obstacle course-like platformer, I thought that it would be suitable if my game’s setting took place in an army obstacle course camp in a forest.  The concept for the obstacles is influenced from my research of the Mirror’s Edge mobile game.

Below is the overall mockup design for my intended platformer.

The lines indicate the height between the different-layered levels in a stage.  

(Image credit:

Here you can see the stage is divided by 3 layers of levels for the player to navigate through. I plan to add obstacle sprites into the stages.


This image is magnified by the way.


I decided to implement a soldier as the player character’s sprite. It would fit in with the ‘army obstacle course’ setting of the game.



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