Behind the Aesthetics

Behind the game’s aesthetics lies the reason behind them, lies the reason for the choices made to select the direction of the art of a game. The aesthetics of a game are important as the choice with how the game looks can form interest for a specifically directed audience towards a game.

The core aesthetic I chose for my endless runner’s setting is an obstacle course training session taking place in an military boot camp situated in a forest. I figured that a forest can be a suitable environment for the training for army recruits. The default army soldier uniform blends in with the forest. The influences of my choice for the army boot camp setting comes from my research of certain real-life military services around the world including the mandatory military service on all civilian men at South Korea to our very own Malaysian armed forces’ National Service Training Programme.


An important aspect of an obstacle course is the type of obstacles created to test and train one’s endurance and tactical skills in fast-paced combat situations. The backdrop for the level’s setting of the game has a military recruit trying to pass the obstacle course. I took the liberty to look up and select the type of assets available online that fits in with the setting.


As you can see, the first selected art asset is a sandbag which originated from the Metal Slug run and gun games where the aesthetic theme for the games involve military themes. Sandbags are used in some army obstacle courses as the obstacles set recruits to climb over them.

box (2).png

I’ve decided on choosing wooden crates as an obstacle for recruits to climb over, the same action required for the sandbags above.


This art asset of a wooden fence I found another one of my intended obstacles. The same way how fences in these obstacle courses urge the recruits to climb over to pass through.


My intended design for the floating platform in this endless runner. This platform will be used on two different points of height on the screen for the player character to jump or land onto.

player run sprite.png

Another art asset from Metal Slug of a Rebel Soldier sprite sheet which I intend to use for the player character. The animation frames of the soldier running will be used as the default animation for the player character in the game as endless runners don’t feature characters that voluntarily stop their movements.



The background of a forest serves what the setting of the game takes place in.


Army camouflage is traditionally associated with the military. It fits well with the army aesthetic of the game. This screen is used for the instructions screen placed before starting the game.


My simple rendition of the instruction screen using the background.

Oh, and here’s an improved version of the platformer mockup I made below with using the extra art assets above and combined them into the screen.






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